Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2020

Regional gap in death rates shrinks in Japan in 2015

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The gap in age-adjusted death rates between eastern and western Japan in 2015 shrank from that in 2010, a survey by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry showed Wednesday.

The mortality rate, calculated per 100,000 people, fell in all of the country’s 47 prefectures, according to the survey, which has been conducted every five years since 1960. The rate remained highest in Aomori Prefecture and lowest in Nagano Prefecture.

For men, the figure stood at 585.6 per 100,000 in Aomori, which has topped the list of death rates since 1975, except in 1995, when Hyogo ranked first after the magnitude-7.3 Great Hanshin Earthquake hit the prefecture.

The mortality rate for men in Aomori fell about 10 percent from 2010, according to the survey.

In the death rates for men, the northeastern prefecture of Akita came second, at 540.3, followed by the neighboring prefecture of Iwate, at 522.5.

For women, the rate was also highest in Aomori, at 288.4, followed by Fukushima Prefecture, at 275.7, and Ibaraki Prefecture, at 273.8.

Meanwhile, the death rate in Nagano came to 434.1 for men and 227.7 for women.

The gap in rates between Aomori and Nagano men was 151.5, down from 185.1 in 2010 and 489.0 in 1960.

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