Published On: Sat, Mar 26th, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles Review

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Now, I like seeing Los Angeles in flames as much as the next guy, but after seeing Battle: LA, I just couldn’t help but wonder where the rest of this movie went. It feels like the first part of a much bigger franchise, and perhaps it will be, but the characterizations are weak, and while most people probably aren’t expecting a deep plot, having something to root for — maybe something as simple as knowing the names of the characters — would have gone a long way to turning this hollow disaster flick into something more substantial.

Battle: LA, or Battle: Los Angeles, or even World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles is not a bad movie, but it sacrifices so much in the name of speed, and it relies so heavily on cliches, that you are left with no real attachment to anyone on screen. There is one section that attempts to artificially create a connection by introducing a situation that is supposed to be filled with drama and tragedy via a couple of kids, but when it is over you will not care in the least.

Many of us have had high hopes for this film. Even the most ardent and hardcore film critics have a soft spot for a good disaster flick, and when you mix in a battle on familiar soil against alien invaders, the potential for awesomeness is apparent. The idea of a movie set in a warn-torn LA just looks and sounds cool. The result though is an average, but mostly forgettable action flick that fails to grab you and does not live up to its potential. There are a a few cool parts, but not enough to save the bad ones.

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