Published On: Sat, Mar 26th, 2011

Lessons learned: Audiolife CEO Brandon Hance shares his experience with aspiring entrepreneurs

Brandon Hance is one of those guys that you want to hate, but just can’t. He’s the quintessential entrepreneur, complete with a history that includes playing quarterback at USC during their two-year streak as national champions. He runs around with celebrities because he’s actually friends with them, not because he needs it for his image. His jet-setting includes regular trips to New York, Switzerland, France, and the U.K. And to top it all off, his favorite woman in the whole wide world happens to be his mother.

See, I told you.

But before you write him off as a sniveling, money hungry, coddled, ex-jock who happens to have grown up in L.A. – a playground for hobnobbing and club-hopping with the rich and famous – I will appeal to your sense of humanity when I tell you that you can’t hate him because he’s actually one of the most grounded people on the planet, at least I’m fairly sure.

The “Brandon Paradox” – as I have so often referred to it – is that he is confident and sure of himself, and speaks with conviction that generally has people pulling out their checkbooks asking “how much do you need?” yet his humility is staggering…almost to the point of insanity.

So when I asked Brandon, who has been a colleague and friend for nearly three years now, to spend some time offering his “words of wisdom” to the thousands of entrepreneurs who will be leading the innovation charge post recession 2.0, of course he responded with a big, fat, “Yes!”

Read and weep.

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