Published On: Sat, Mar 26th, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer Review – Starring Matthew McConaughey & Marisa Tomei

As a lawyer, Mick Haller knows all about the murky nature of the human character. He’s seen his share of bad behavior and devious duplicity—lying and cheating to get ahead, to “win” no matter what the cost. He sees it in court, he sees it on the street, he sees it even at home.

Pretty awkward, really, since the dude lives alone.

Mick, who does business out of the back of his classic Lincoln Town Car, is the sort of lawyer who gives lawyers a bad name. He’s not picky about who he takes as clients: bikers, drug dealers, rapists … as long as they can pay. He’s good at what he does—when his license isn’t suspended.

In truth, Mick’s greatest fear is defending an innocent man. And he’s wondering whether his greatest fear just hired him.

Louis Roulet looks like an overgrown boy scout—certainly not the sort of guy who would beat a prostitute nearly to death. He swears he’s innocent: He’s been set up, he claims … an easy mark for an ambitious hooker looking to score some of his considerable wealth. The prostitute, he says, must’ve inflicted those bruises on herself—or had an accomplice do it for her.

Is it possible the guy could be telling the truth? At first Mick thinks so—particularly as evidence begins to corroborate his story. And yet, Louis doesn’t appear to be telling the whole truth either. Mick uncovers inconsistencies, half-truths, bizarre connections. He begins to wonder, Is he assisting an innocent man? Or is he helping a serial killer go free?

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