Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2011

Toyota planning Supra, MR2 successors within five years?

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Every sighting of a MkIV Toyota Supra compels a wistful pause and the rhetorical query, “Ah, Toyota… what happened?” The FT-HS concept has been adorning auto show plinths since 2007, taking rumblings of a Supra successor everywhere it went. Last December, four years of hoping out loud led to Motor Trend reporting a Supra return with a 3.5-liter V6, perhaps to be ready in 2015. For any chance of that happening, the Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S needed to do well.


Seven months later Toyota’s little 300-horsepower coupe is still accelerating enthusiast hearts, and in May of this year MT added hybrid mechanicals, 400 horsepower, a CVT from the Lexus RX and a $60,000 price to its earlier report of a Supra redux.

A new report in Asia One doesn’t divulge details, but does make it appear that a new Supra is inevitable: at a European event for the FR-S, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada said, “The president (Akio Toyoda) has asked me to make a successor to the Supra as soon as possible.” This could be revisionist history, but the larger plan according to Tada has been that the GT 86/FR-S is the middle child in Toyota’s sports car strategy, with a lower-tier entry like a new MR2 and an upper-tier entry like the Supra on the company’s mind since the beginning.

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