Published On: Sun, Jul 2nd, 2017

Monacoin the cryptocurrency of Japan on the verge

Crpytocurrencies have been in limelight since the bitcoin  surged with the marketcap value of 41.8 Billion (note – these values keep changing due to volatility ) . Since , then hundreds of new coins emerged in the market , promising new technology and roadmaps to be completed in near future .  Japan itself was never left behind in this case , “the power of kawaii , fun and creativity ” currency for its own people ” MonaCoin” .

Who started Monacoin ?

Monacoin was launched in 2014 with the symbol power of ” Cat ” . Monacoin is the first in Japan and its origami is “2channel” Sometimes, it is actively used in painting-related doujinshi and bulletin boards where you can send money, and forms a unique community.

It was developed based on light coin which is seen as successor to bitcoin.

Online Monacoin store

Online Store Monappy have some of the interesting stuff which is being sold , we found magazines to laptops , pictures and some of the services for which people are willing to do for you for few mona.

Community , Implementation and Development 

Monacoin Lightning Network Meme

Monacoin actively being developed and community is growing day by day . It’s one of the few currency in the world which is currently used for purchasing online/offline products and even the restaurants have started accepting monacoin in japan. Yes and that’s true .


Lightning Network Implementation is in practice , they are  very few coins who have decided to implement LN network which will help the currency for faster transaction , instant payments , cross blockchain transaction and monacoin dev team is on it .



You can also watch the video explaining how lightning network will work 

Monacoin Rally and Motive 

Monacoin community is about to start rally from 1st August . This is new idea for advertisement for monacoin . A unique poster have already been choosen to continue with this advertisement campaign . Prize will be 390 Monacoin.

You can also visit the website to participate and step by step process is given by the community to get started .

For participation Visit here

Rally will end on 30 August 2017 .

Monacoin motive is to be more creative and fun to use . This is how Japan finest examples occurred in the past through the memes , games , anime and entertainment .  With the enhancement in technology and changing world with innovation monacoin is here to stay and will rise .

Monacoin currently rank 66 in coinmarketcap.Due to upcoming halving monacoin price is expected to surge as the mining difficulty will be increased and widely adoption in Japan . Available also through ATMs . Watch a Youtuber Video explaining monacoin here.

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