Published On: Fri, May 24th, 2019

Cryptocurrency scammer who took millions out of innocent people in japan and united kingdom

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This is public appeal through this we want awareness among the crypto community and investors.

This is an image of a man we know as Martin Gerraux. He runs a PONZI plot on the web known as MG Portfolio which bears his initials. Mr. Gerraux gets his members to educate their companions concerning enormous returns of 15% to 20% every week and once you add to your portfolio and acquire your companions it has bit by bit dropped to 1.4% every week.

That is not by any means the awful part. When you request your cash which in the agreement says you will get it in 48 hrs – you will be cut off of all correspondence and have no real way to recover your assets or contact anybody for help. We have seen this again and again. As of not long ago, there has been no real way to get any assistance. Many individuals have endured peacefully – UNTIL NOW.

Mr. Gerraux has done an awesome activity of not leaving an impression on the web anyplace. You can Google him and discover nothing. MG even ventured to wear a cover and a cape at his most recent occasion to shroud his face. He has no office to contact on the off chance that you need assistance. He is an apparition. Nobody you need controlling your funds. He is a liar, a cheat, and a hoodlum.

Here we will give you as much data as we have about him and where you can go to document a case about him with the FEDERAL Government.

First File a case with the District Attorney in your State.

Second Go to the Securities and Exchange Commission

Informant 202-551-4790 and record a report.

Third Contact The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation

754-703-2000 and record a report.

Forward Contact The United States Department of Justice

202-514-2000 to record a Claim.

Fifth Contact The United States Treasury Department – Criminal Fraud Department

800-829-0433 to record a Claim.

Japan Chronicles Team investigation what we know so far 

1.  He is married with 3 children.

2. He claims to own homes in Sedona, Arizona, New York and Naples, Florida.

3. He is a chain smoker and is recovering drug addict.

4. He likes energy drinks…

5. He travels to Turks and Caicos Islands regularly.

6. He claims to own an ocean going motorized yacht.

7. He claims to own at least 2 private jet aircraft…and claims he is a Pilot?

8. He claims to own a Mercedes sports convertible and a Mclaren super car.

9. He has a fetish and a collection of expensive vintage Rolex watches.

10. After paying for an extensive background search it revealed that no one named “Martin Gerraux” has a registered birth certificate in either the USA or Canada dating back as far as         1950.

11. MG claims to have attended the University of Southern California, San Diego but they reported that they had no record of a Martin Gerraux at their institution, ever.

12. MG claimed on numerous occasions that he worked as a stock analyst and trader for New York based, Morgan Stanley…NO record exists of a “Martin Gerraux” ever having been employed there.

           Ask Yourself

     1.  Have you ever heard of a credible, REAL trading brokerage offering Rolex watches, trips, $1M exotic cars and $1M prizes to their clients in contests?

     2.  Have you ever seen a contract from a credible, REAL trading brokerage with no address for their offices and no way to contact them other than Telegram or text?

     3.  MG told us he made money when the market went up or down.  Has his system tanked or  has he lost his magical ability to trade because he OBVIOUSLY has lost his ability to trade.  MG has lost his ability to trade OR he is skimming off of the earnings he continues to make off of our money –  which means HE’S A THIEF AND A LIAR and deserves JUSTICE and jail.

4.  Why would you continue to be a part of a platform that obviously has ZERO ethics?
One of the most important attributes of a trader/client relationship is TRUST.


5.  What’s stopping you from making a move?

6.  Why did you start trading with Martin to begin with?

7.  Now that his returns have gone from 16%+ to 1.4%
Do you feel deceived…?  Lied to…?

 Ready to leave…?  Scared to say something…?
Scared to lose your hard-earned money…?

8.  Do you have even more questions?
We’re here to help. Reach out for help.
We will keep every contact in confidence.

Japan chronicles Team Appeal to Public We Need Your Help  Reach us 

We have dozens of people contacting us but are hesitant to say anything because they are fearful of retaliation from MG.  All of these people are unhappy with the 1.4% weekly returns and the intimidation tactics by MG and his team of alleged traders, but they feel trapped.  Several have even asked to have their funds returned and to close their accounts but were told that their funds were leveraged in “Long-term trading” and they could not have their funds.

Many of you have simply been cut off and shut out. We want to hear your story.  We are compiling a file and preparing a case to present to each of the federal agencies listed above.  We want you to know that you are not alone and support is here for you. We are determined to not only shut MG down but also to seize his funds and repay those who have been ripped off. Tell us your story .

Richard See and Derick Venter have spent an enormous amount of time and energy to stop this evil man. Their determination is simply because they hate good people being abused.

MG claims to have paid Richard and Derick but neither of them have been fully made whole.  MG goes on explosive rants of his webinars and tells lies about these two men – but they have remained intent to defend YOUR best interests and assist you to get YOUR FUNDS returned to you, including all your profits and commissions being withheld!

                                                         HELP US HELP YOU   


Martin Gerraux Is An Obnoxious Rich Man Bully, Believing He Can Walk All Over You With No Repercussions, Intimidate, Malign, Slander, Threaten And His Wealth Is His Protection

Well, We Have Some Really Bad News For MR. Hotshot Trader Wannabe Conman.


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